Advancing Telehealth In Your Practice

Privacy and Security in Telehealth 

Wednesday, October 21, 2020 
from the comfort of your home or office!

Get Ready for Canada’s Second 
Virtual Health Privacy Summit!

Have you noticed the increasing number of breaches, and wondered what that’s all about?

Feel like you’re not up-to-date on your responsibilities under Canadian privacy laws?

We’re bringing you a crash-course in managing your patient’s privacy and keeping their personal health information secure …. and it doesn’t get more convenient than ONLINE.

Health Privacy Summit Directors

Anne Genge
Anne Genge
Alexio Corporation
Jean Eaton
Jean L. Eaton
Information Managers Ltd.
Angela Mulrooney
Dr. Angela Mulrooney
Unleashing Dentistry's Potential
Lauren Sergey
Lauren Sergey
Up Front Communication

About the Event

No matter what country they’re located in, healthcare practices have the biggest challenge ahead of them in a digital age – even more so than banks. Why? Because you can always cancel a credit card, but retracting private (and potentially sensitive) information from the worldwide web is impossible.

More and more, patients are demanding accountability and transparency from their providers, to ensure that adequate steps are being taken to protect their family’s information.

Managing information privacy and data security is not a difficult task, and we’re here to help. Sign up for this FREE virtual summit, and conveniently take the next step that you need.

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What People Are Saying About Canada's Health Privacy Summits

Absolutely great and informative summit 🙂
Reyaine C.
This was the best presentation on this topic that I have heard in the 50 years that I have practiced
Dr. Leonard B. Smith
Great opportunity for those of us who are in the dental industry to learn about issues related to digital information security.
Summit Attendee
A lot of information packed into an afternoon with an opportunity to learn more and connect with the presenters made this a valuable learning experience. Looking forward to the next summit. Thank you!
Dianne Hennig
Edmonton Dental Assistants Association

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