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The Canadian Health Privacy Summit is the brain child of Canadian businesswomen thought-leaders in the privacy and cyber-security industries.

Applicable to a wide range of healthcare providers, both in Canada and around the world, we bring you timely and easy-to-implement strategies to protect the privacy of patient information and the security of your technological solutions. We also provide strategies to build resilience into your practice and to encourage your staff to successfully adopt changes.

Health Privacy Summit Directors

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Anne Genge
Anne Genge
Alexio Corporation
Jean Eaton
Jean L. Eaton
Information Managers Ltd.
Angela Mulrooney
Dr. Angela Mulrooney
Unleashing Influence
Lauren Sergey
Lauren Sergey
Up Front Communication

Past Events

October 21, 2020: Privacy and Security In Telehealth

Growth in telehealth has exploded in 2020 – and so have the privacy and security risks!

So far in 2020, we have seen

  • 80% of security breaches caused by stolen or brute forced credentials
  • Individual’s COVID-19 testing status and contact tracking inadvertently released to the public
  • Unsecure video conferencing exposing personal information to others

When you properly balance the opportunities of telehealth with safeguards to protect the privacy and security of our patients’ health information, you can

  • Improve patient access to healthcare and patient satisfaction
  • Develop new viable business models
  • Maintain and improve patient relationship
  • Implement flexible staffing employment models to respond to the pandemic demands



Dr. Kale Matovich, Natural Way Chiropractic: The Phoenix Plan: How Our Chiropractic Practice Uses Telehealth To Support Our COVID-19 Recovery

Ed Paget, Scoliosis Correction Protocol: Selling Brick and Mortar, Moving Online and Living On The Beach

Dr. Angela Mulrooney, Unleashing Influence: Pivoting to Online Brands

Anne Genge, Alexio Corporation: Easy and Affordable Ways to Dramatically Increase Your Security Online

Jean L. Eaton, Information Managers Ltd: Practical Telehealth Privacy Tips For Your Practice

Lauren Sergy, Up Front Communication: The Keys to Buy-In: How to Get Staff and Patients On Board With New Practices and Processes

June 5, 2020: Privacy and Security in Dental Practices

No matter what country they’re located in, healthcare practices have the biggest challenge ahead of them in a digital age – even more so than banks. Why? Because you can always cancel a credit card, but retracting private (and potentially embarrassing) information from the worldwide web is impossible.

More and more, patients are demanding accountability and transparency from their providers, to ensure that adequate steps are being taken to protect their family’s information.

Managing data privacy and information security does not have to be difficult. We’re here to help you.


Dr. Angela Mulrooney, Unleashing Dentistry’s Potential: Minding Your Patient’s Privacy: It’s a Team Effort

Anne Genge, Alexio Corporation: 7 Defensive Tactics to Bulletproof Your Data

Jean L. Eaton, Information Managers Ltd: Practical Privacy Tips For Your Practice

Lauren Sergy, Up Front Communication: Getting Them On Board: Persuasive Communication for Getting Staff Buy-In

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