Full Agenda

Wednesday October 21, 2020


12:00 PM (MT) / 2:00 PM (ET)

Kick-off: Lauren Sergy
Welcome and Introductions

12:05 PM (MT) / 2:05 PM (ET)

Speaker: Dr. Kale Matovich
Natural Way Chiropractic

The Phoenix Plan: How Our Chiropractic Practice Uses Telehealth to Support Our COVID Recovery

The COVID-19 pandemic significantly affected the way chiropractors provide care to their patients. Dr. Kale Matovich will share his experiences of implementing telehealth solutions as an unconventional, yet essential, component of both patient care and business recovery at Natural Way Chiropractic.

12:40 PM (MT) / 2:40 PM (ET)

Speaker: Ed Paget, Osteopath
Scoliosis Correction Protocol

Selling Brick and Mortar, Moving Online and Living On The Beach

In 2017 Ed sold his brick and mortar osteopathic clinic and moved to a surf town in Nicaragua. Whilst there he funded himself by working purely online. After 2 years he missed the professional interaction with colleagues and returned to Calgary where he now spends 2 days a week managing his online clients and 3 days a week in private practice.

1:15 PM (MT) / 3:15 PM (ET)

Speaker: Dr. Angela Mulrooney
Unleashing Influence

Pivoting To Online Brands

Covid has shoved us into the future of technology-adoption in healthcare. If you don’t level up and get with the advancements, you will be left behind. Angela will discuss the best innovations and how you can make the most of them in your healthcare practice to ensure online income during shutdowns and into the future of your practice.

1:50 PM (MT) / 3:50 PM (ET)

Speaker: Anne Genge
Alexio Corporation

Easy and Affordable Ways to Dramatically Increase Your Security Online

“Anne takes difficult concepts and makes then interesting and understandable for everyone” (Maggie S. – attendee: Privacy & Security for Office Managers Course 2019)

Who is this for? This talk is designed for all people working with computers and will give you excellent
strategies for your office and home use.

Most people have antivirus on their computers but breaches, data theft, and ransomware keep happening. Learn why, and learn how a few tweaks to how you’re working can make an exponential difference to the security of your patient and personal data.

2:25 PM (MT) / 4:25 PM (ET)

Speaker: Jean L. Eaton
Information Managers Ltd.

Practical Telehealth Privacy Tips For Your Practice

Your Practical Privacy Coach, Jean L. Eaton, will share practical privacy tips you need to know
to implement your telehealth program including:

  • Patient on-boarding;
  • Informed consent to telehealth notice; and
  • How to easily document telehealth encounters in your practice.

3:00 PM (MT) / 5:00 PM (ET)

Speaker: Lauren Sergy
Up Front Communication

The Keys to Buy-In: How to Get Staff and Patients On Board With New Practices and Processes

Changing how we work can be difficult. No matter what it is you’re changing – shifting your privacy practices, engaging in telehealth, or implementing some other new process – getting buy-in from staff, partners, and patients is crucial to the success of your initiative. In this fascinating session, communication and speaking expert Lauren Sergy will take you on a high-level look at how persuasion works, revealing key strategies to getting the buy-in and commitment you need from your staff.

3:35 PM (MT) / 5:35 PM (ET)

Wrap Up and Q&A