Data Privacy Day

Data Privacy Day Events and Resources For You!

Data Privacy Day is an internationally recognized day dedicated to creating awareness about the importance of privacy and protecting personal information.

That means a lot to us and we think it means a lot to you, too. We think it is important that we give our patients and clients the gift of privacy. And that we have the right tools and resources for our employees to make good privacy and security decisions in our businesses.

Data Privacy Day Activities

I Heart Privacy!

Just in time for Data Privacy Day! Print badges for your team.

Right-click the image and select ‘Save As’ to download and insert the image into your favourite templates to make badges or stickers or labels.

Or, use the done-for-you sheet of labels that you can print right away and slip into badge holders or print to stickers or labels.

You can even customize the labels and add your business name!

Protect Your Organization and Your Patients With a Privacy Awareness Quiz

Equip your staff with the information they need to confidently and correctly handle personal health information.

Healthcare businesses need privacy awareness training to support key policies and procedures, and risk management programs need a privacy awareness training program.

Reasonable Safeguards

As an employer and healthcare provider, you are responsible to provide training to all of your employees about privacy awareness.

If you don’t provide the training, or if the employees don’t understand the policies and there is a privacy breach, then the healthcare provider is more likely to be held accountable under the legislation and face penalties, including fines and even prison!

Patients value the privacy and security of their information.

Healthcare providers and clinic managers value privacy and security, and they value not having adverse results as a lack of compliance or patient safety issues.

Patients trust their healthcare providers with their sensitive, personal, and financial information.

If patients don’t feel that the healthcare provider will keep their information confidential and secure, patients may choose not to share their information, which may impact their healthcare and treatment.

When we are privacy aware, we can better respond to patients’ questions and build their trust in the quality of services that we provide.

Download the Privacy Awareness Quiz to use today to train your employees and protect your patients’ health information.

Stay Safe Online

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