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What’s New In Cybersecurity In Healthcare

What has been happening lately in cybersecurity in healthcare?

Anne Genge, CEO of Alexio Corporation is the guest on the latest episode of Practice Management Nuggets For Your Healthcare Practice, with Jean Eaton of Information Managers Ltd.!

Anne and Jean discuss recent privacy breach scenarios and cybersecurity trends and steps that you can take now to prevent these events to happen to you!

Virtual care, telehealth, and working from home presents opportunities – and cybersecurity risks. Digital health and digital transformation has grown rapidly in the last year. Take time now to review your practice and defend yourself from dramatic increases in cybersecurity attacks.

Anne shares expert tips on how to prevent cybersecurity attacks in your practice.

Anne Genge's #1 Tip to Healthcare Practices

Invest in a professional cybersecurity risk assessment for your practice.

Jean’s Favorite Takeaways From The Podcast

Anne shared Top 3 Tips For an Incident Free 2021 for healthcare providers and dentists and protect your practice and your patients including these nuggets.

  • Secure the network
  • Secure the people
  • Disaster recovery plan

Featured Guest: Anne Genge

Anne Genge

Anne Genge is a pioneer in protecting health data and those who use it. She is a Certified Information Privacy Professional with a specialization in dentistry. Anne also holds certifications for HIPAA, Credit Card Security, Internet, and Network Security.

Ransomware and data theft have changed the face of dentistry in the past decade meaning dentists need a new toolkit for protecting their practices.

With over 20 years of experience, Anne knows the challenges healthcare providers face with technology. She and her team at Alexio Corporation work with dental and medical professionals to minimize data risk and maximize patient care.

As healthcare grows increasingly dependent on the digital environment, cyber-security becomes increasingly more difficult. Protection of patient data is not only law, it’s imperative for business success and reputation. Anne simplifies cyber-security for dentists and other healthcare providers and gives ‘real world’ strategies to protect patient information and the practice business.

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Host: Jean Eaton

Jean Eaton

Jean Eaton is constructively obsessive about privacy, confidentiality, and security when it comes to the handling of personal information, particularly in primary health care settings.

Jean has customized and delivered privacy training programs for privacy officers, records management professionals, implementation teams, and healthcare providers across Canada and the US.

Jean has helped hundreds of physicians, chiropractors, pharmacists, and other healthcare providers and privacy officers develop and improve their Privacy Education programs.

Jean develops and provides training on personal information and health information privacy and security; customizes policies and procedures and Privacy Impact Assessments for hundreds of health care providers and primary care private clinics.

Jean is the host of Practice Management Nuggets For Your Healthcare Practice,  a regular interview series with practice managers, healthcare providers, or trusted vendors who support healthcare practices. Topics include things you need to know to help you start, grow, fix, or maintain your healthcare practice

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